A Blurry St. Patrick’s Day Week in Photos

I’m leaving for winter camp in 5 hours and I have yet to pack my bags. In hindsight, agreeing to go camping the day after St. Patrick’s Day was a poorly made decision.

Last week, Cailin O’Neil showed up in St. John’s to ease me into the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. She came out as champ, cooking me breakfast even after I embarrassed her at the airport with this sign.

This year, St. John’s is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for 10 days. Over half our population was settled by the Irish, and apparently we’re the only place outside of Ireland to actually designate the day as a holiday. So we started last week at O’Reilly’s.


(I still can’t figure out why “live” is in quotations. As opposed to dead music?)

We danced and sang, and apparently rocked out.

I don’t know this guy.

And then we broke out the green mustaches, and men swarmed us like white on rice. It was outstanding. Take note: men in St. John’s like mustaches.

I got confused about it.

And decided to exchange numbers with this guy. The best part is being oblivious to the ambulance in the background.

Of course, we still had to celebrate the real St. Patrick’s Day, and fortunately for me, this year I don’t have a job! I recruited some folks for some afternoon drinking. Some random man showed up at the house and gave me some whisky. Turns out you shouldn’t give an Irish ginger a glass of Jamieson at 2 p.m.

We headed downtown to St. John’s oldest Irish pub, Erin’s Pub, where the party was already hoppin’. Guinness and Smithwick flowed from the kegs and much merriment was had, including being heckled by an old man who’s last name was “Walsh” who may or may not be my father. Maggie danced with him instead, like a trooper.

This was the only shot I got of one of the bands. The place filled up, and when we got up from our seats, we were literally jumped by people who wanted our table. They wouldn’t even let me get out of the place, I was stuck between a hard place and a chair.

We concluded our St. Patrick’s Day festivities by dropping by the Rockhouse to kick up our heels and enjoy The Navigators and At Ship’s End. I didn’t get any photos, just some hazy video footage, but I assure you the evening was successful. Although there was definite lack of appreciation for my red hair. We attempted to sneak into O’Reilly’s, but the line-up was about 75 people and we couldn’t afford another $10 cover charge. Next year, O’Reilly’s. Next year.

Conclusion: everyone should celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in St. John’s. Or, well, Ireland.

How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

(P.S. Global Giving and Casa Jackson met their goal of raising over $40k for charity yesterday, thanks guys! Amazing.)

  • March 18 2011

    That sounds like an amazing chain of events, especially free whiskey. Although I don’t think the mustaches were the reason the men were flocking. :-) It actually might have been a little ginger appreciation!

    I’m definitely coming to St. John’s for St. Paddy’s next year… or Ireland. Either way, I think it will be awesomely awesome.

    • March 21 2011

      Hahaha, I was so angry for the night when we changed venues and the lighting was really crappy and you couldn’t tell I was a real redhead. so angry!

  • March 18 2011

    that’s me, always willing to dance with drunken old men… and he thanked me for that dance at least 3 times. pretty sure i made his night. ;D

    that picture still kills me. don’t remember that at ALL. cannot wait to see your videos ;) (and cannot wait to share my set of photos from yesterday… bahahahaha…)

    i don’t think i need to answer the ‘how did you celebrate’ question.. ;P

    • March 21 2011

      That dude was such a stud, he hit on all the ladiez.

  • March 18 2011

    Lol the green mustaches are hilarious. St. John’s looks like an awesome place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And kudos for going winter camping… I don’t think I’d be going after a 10 day St. Paddy’s celebration.

    • March 21 2011

      I am STILL recovering from winter camp…

  • March 19 2011

    All those drinks are making me jealous. LOL.

  • March 19 2011

    I love reading about your escapades in the city, and other places, but I just had to comment because hilariously I know the guy in the third photo. I will have to live vicariously through your St. Patricks’ Day celebrations as this was the first year in 10 that I have not celebrated on George Street. :(

    • March 21 2011

      Hahahaha, that is HILARIOUS! Oh god. I don’t think I was actually dancing with him, I think he just jumped in my shot. Too funny!

  • March 20 2011

    That seemed like a fun celebration. And I particularly enjoyed the “I don’t know this guy” caption for the one photo.

    I hope you had a great weekend.

    • March 21 2011

      It was a hoot! And I didn’t know him, but apparently another commenter did…hahaha.

  • March 20 2011

    I thought those were eyebrows and not confusion.

  • March 20 2011

    Love the sign. I’d have been embarrassed too.

    My niece has a birthday on St. Patrick’s Day so for many years now we’ve been celebrating her birthday – via dinner & drinks. I figure we only have 5 more good years & then we’ll be dropped like a hot coal as friends become the biggest part of the celebration. What a lucky kid having a birthday on the 17th.

    I love the look of the band – and bet it was a great night for music.

    • March 21 2011

      Hahaha, what an amazingly awesome birthday! So jealous. The bands actually weren’t as great as I would have expected…I was hoping for more Irish. But it was still a blast!

  • March 20 2011

    hilarious post. Yeah, that sign with “live” on it would really bother me, I mean … seriously … why? Anyway, looks like a blast, I actually got to ride on a “live” float here in the parade in St. Louis, good times had by all.

    • March 21 2011

      Hahaha, I know, drives me nuts. If they just wanted to emphasize it, couldn’t they bold the letters?!

  • March 21 2011

    Haha you may not have known that guy, but he is SUPER happy. And super happy people are awesome. I hope you made friends with him shortly after. If not I will be quite upset…

  • March 21 2011

    I am officially super jealous of the stylin’ green molestaches. And I’m making plans to come and join you next year!! :)

    • March 21 2011

      I highly recommend you do so, it will be a blast!!

  • March 21 2011

    Love all your pics, esp. the green mustaches! Super fun.

  • March 22 2011

    Candice, you would be proud of me. I don’t remember my ST. Pat’s day…at all…well, ok the first hour is pretty clear…

    • March 23 2011

      I AM proud! Woohoo! Were you surrounded by redheaded Irish women? No wonder you love St. Paddy’s Day.

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