7 Reasons Why I Won’t Follow You on Twitter or Facebook

I’m deviating from my normal travel posts today for a little social media rant. I came out of the hypothetical blog closet last week, announcing Candice Does the World to my entire family and friends on Facebook. I’ve had my blog on lockdown for the past year, immediately untagging any posts mentioning me or my writing, and barely giving out business cards.

Mostly I was afraid of what my mother would think. Her response was when I finally sent her the link? “Candice, I’ve been reading you from day 1. Surprise!”

Then I created my Facebook fan page, reaching out to a whole new audience in an incredibly efficient way. Gotta love social media, even if sometimes it’s a pain. Anyway, here’s a few reasons why I won’t follow you.

1. Your profile picture sucks. I don’t want to be friends with an egg. I have enough cholesterol in my life as it is.

2. Your Twitter stream is all you. When someone follows me on Twitter, the first thing I do is take a general scan of their Tweets. I don’t care how big of a deal you are, if you’re not talking with other people, what’s the point? I try not to make my timeline into a chatroom, but getting to know people is pretty vital. I realize you can’t respond to everyone all the time, but engage sometimes at least.

3. You never respond. I have a few people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook but have never responded to any of my messages. I don’t get it. Why would you friend me if you’re just going to ignore me?

4. You follow TOO many people. Believe it or not, trying to be a friend with everyone just doesn’t work. I’d rather a smaller, kickass group of friends I can get to know intimately than a huge group of strangers.

5. You’re preachy religious. I don’t care what religion you are, if you’re going to comment on my drinking habits and call me evil, I’ll probably block you. And yes, that has happened.

6. You’re creepy. Please don’t hit on me. It’s weird.

7. You befriend me just to get hits. My biggest annoyance ever is when someone adds me as a friend on Facebook and then immediately suggests I “like” their group. DON’T DO THAT. If you’re going to use me as a form of self promo, at least buy me a coffee first.

And on that note, you should definitely go “like” my fan page and follow along with my Mexico trip. All the cool kids are doing it.

  • January 22 2011

    Word! I often cull the herd on my FB page of people who don’t bother interacting with me, esp ones that don’t comment to questions I ask on their pages! And on Twitter if I look at your timeline & all I see are unilateral posts, forget it. Not interested. It’s called “social” media for a reason. Yes, I like to bring attn to my online writing & blog, but those are also means to communicate & connect. Hell, I wouldn’t be taking my 9 y/o son on a RTW trip if it wans’t for Twitter!

    • January 22 2011

      Agreed! Also, luckiest 9 year old I know. :)

  • January 22 2011

    those are some pretty solid reasons.
    I especially dislike creepy people. It’s one thing to hit be creepy and smarmy at, say, a bar… but on the internet it’s about 100 million times creepier to hit on me right out the gate. Just saying.

  • January 22 2011


  • January 22 2011

    Good tips mate. I normally look at someone that follows me and if its all RT’s and them preaching with no interaction I just leave them too it.

    I also despise people that will DM me after I follow them. Honestly people your just getting un-followed after that because if I cared to follow you I’ll probably find your other stuff on my own, I don’t need to be spoon fed.

  • January 22 2011

    Nice post. Although I gotta admit I’m totally guilty of never updating my twitter, usually it’s weeks between my tweets. Which is bad, I know I should use it a lot more often. Also just wondering, did someone actually friend you with an egg as their profile pic?

  • January 22 2011

    Well, Candice, think about it. Jesus might have turned water into wine but that doesn’t mean he condones alcohol consumption. ;)

  • January 22 2011

    I’m with Chris about hating DM’s right after you follow someone. Just information overload.

    Good list but I do have to say it took me awhile to get onto the social part of twitter- I still don’t find it a natural way to have a conversation but I keep trying.

    And nice new Facebook page too Candice – with one of your photos I presume??

  • January 22 2011

    Oh for Christ’s sake now I’ve got to become a better interactor, are there lessons for that. Wait was that too preachy?

  • January 22 2011

    Oh man, I’m with you on these, especially the religious zealots…and the bigots. I also will unfollow someone faster than you can say boo if they immediately auto DM me wanting me to buy their product. There are actually many reasons for unfollowing, and I don’t know why people take it so personally. I’ve encouraged people to stop following me if they’re not happy with my tweets. It’s not like it’s a life commitment when you follow someone on Twitter.

  • January 22 2011

    Yeah I’m with the others – Auto DM = Auto Unfollow. I don’t care how fascinating you think you are and how wonderful your exciting new e-book on how to write an e-book about writing an e-book is, I don’t need to hear about it 0.7 picoseconds after following you. Thanks all the same.

    Nice work on the fanpage, btw. I’m following it already – does that make me one of the cool kids? Wow, I’ve finally achieved that dream I started chasing when I was 12. Yay.

  • January 22 2011

    LOL I’m an auto-DM auto-unfollow person too. If you can’t take the time to write the first tweet to me first yourself then the relationship is never going to be good.

  • January 22 2011

    Oh crap, how did I forget automated DMs?! Worst idea EVER. Thanks for weighing in, guys!

  • January 23 2011

    I am guilty of poor conversations on Twitter. I don’t mean to but I lapse into long spells of silence, but I invariably do. But that’s alright since you already follow me :D

  • January 23 2011

    I get really pissed by the people that don’t respond either, ugh!

  • January 23 2011

    Number one is hilarious! The entire list is great actually; all well said points. Hate #6 and auto DM’s the most probably. I had some guy add me and say “Please follow me. Your Beautiful”

    I don’t know what bugged me more, the creepiness or the lack of grammar!!!

  • January 24 2011

    Excellent post Candice! I’m in total agreement on all points…..and I just “Liked” your new Page!

  • January 25 2011

    Candice – I just liked your page just now. I’m sorry it took me so long! I kinda kept forgetting. I’m sorry! Please don’t unfriend or unfollow me ;)

  • January 25 2011

    nr 6 is becoming more common on Facebook – creepy old men, ugh!

  • January 25 2011

    Great post as always Candice….out of the closet and into the streets baby! Love it!!

  • January 26 2011

    Hear hear!

    So cute you didn’t know that your mum was already reading your blog! How did the rest of your family react? Hope they loved it!

  • January 26 2011

    Candice, I loved this post. Some great points. And I had a few thoughts too.

    I laughed about your “don’t hit on me” comment. It happens. LOL. I had my first experience with a lady stalking me on Twitter last year. Can be very weird, as you said. But I’m glad you set forth the “no hitting on” rule up front.

    And I couldn’t agree more about Twitter. I am known for unfollowing people if they don’t respond or have conversations in general. I don’t get into the 5,000 followers people. I follow maybe 140 and have about the same in return. But that’s just me. And I have talked to all of them at some point or another. That’s how I roll. LOL.

    I just went and clicked “like” on your Facebook profile. It seems like you’re doing pretty well with it thus far.

    Did you really think that you could blog and not have your mom know. They know everything!

    Talk to you soon.

  • January 26 2011

    I agree with No. 5, but do you follow Jesus M Christ? He (she?) is hilariously religious.

  • January 27 2011

    What the heck is this twitterbook all about anyways?

  • January 27 2011

    Funny post. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not one of those people who has a knack for conversing on twitter, but I do always respond to people who talk to me. It just seems like common courtesy.

  • January 30 2011

    Hahaha, glad this generated so much discussion, thanks! As for those who say they’re guilty of a few things themselves…no worries, there’s always room for improvement. :) And if you use Twitter/FB for fun rather than a whole lot of self-marketing, don’t worry about it too much! ENJOY! But engage. That’s all. Easy-peasy.

  • February 01 2011

    Woo! Tell it! One can never say that you don’t just put it all out there. So your mom was cool with it? I find that part funny-my mom doesn’t follow me as she is not really into the technological age. But one of her friends does and I always wonder what gets back to her….haha.
    Anyway, although not guilty of Twitter or FB antics, I think I may have been one of those responsible for mentioning you in on of my posts a while back. No worries, it shan’t happen again ;)

  • February 02 2011

    Nicely put. Although being new to the travel-blog and social media game we are pretty much following the same list, and totally agree about the auto-DM’s. They’re terrible. We know we can improve on are our twitter skillz, but for sure we always make sure to respond to comments, just common sense.


  • February 09 2011

    Dear Candice,

    Please follow me online. I love redheads.

    Thank you,


  • February 10 2011

    *stands up and claps*

    We think alike. It’s scary. Must be the red hair. Makes us brilliant.

  • July 10 2012

    Candice, I love your voice and presence, like so many others. Also enjoying the new design!

  • August 22 2012
    Christine (from Of Wit & Will)

    Love this Candice! Thanks for posting what a REAL person thinks about social media.

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