3 Amazing New York City attractions you’ve probably never heard of

This week’s guest post comes from Anna Roy about the benefits of purchasing a CityPASS during your visit to the Big Apple.

Up for a spring or summer break in New York City this year? If, like most of us, you want to see amazing New York City attractions but avoid the hordes of tourists, skip the line with CityPASS and at the same time save on entrance fees. If you are interested in exploring low-profile locations, there are a lot of great places to discover as well.

Henry Frick Bowling Alley and Courtyard

Under the Henry Frick Museum, there is a hidden bowling alley built in 1914. Frick was a steel tycoon at the beginning of the 20th century who gathered an impressive art collection, now found in his mansion on East 70th Street. At the time, this bowling alley (and billiard room) was state-of-the-art. When Frick’s daughter took over the property after he died, she converted the alley into a library. Now it’s been restored to its former glory (although we’re okay with the books, too).

Although the alley is a bit difficult to visit, the interior courtyard is definitely worth taking a look, too.

Photo credit Paul Gorbould.

The Old City Hall Subway Station

A now abandoned subway station, this place should star much higher on the list of places to visit in New York City. The Old City Hall subway station was opened in 1904 and closed in 1945 because of the war. It was actually the very first subway station in New York City, and yet, most people don’t seem to know about it.

For decades, this gem stayed hidden beneath the sidewalks of the city and remained in pristine condition despite being abandoned for so long. If possible, visit on a bright sunny day — when the station is lit up naturally from the skylights in the ceiling, the place takes on an even more noticeable charm.

Fun fact: if you think you saw this before but can’t remember where, it was one of the locations where the last Harry Potter movie was shot.

The Cloisters

Did you know there’s a Gothic monastery right in the heart of New York? If you’re looking for awesome things to do in New York City, do visit the Gothic Chapel, the Fuentidueña Chapel, and the Cloister Gardens. The monastery is fortified and has a magnificent bell tower. The garden has the capacity to feed the monastery inhabitants, which it was actually meant to do in medieval times in case of an invasion.

The Cloisters is actually part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, thanks its special characteristics of European medieval architecture, sculpture, and decorative arts. Most of its work comes from the Romanesque and Gothic periods. If you’re an art and architecture buff, you seriously have to see this place.


The New York Hall of Science

Another New York City attraction that many visitors miss is the Hall of Science. The museum first opened its gates for the 1964 World’s Fair and was one of the first science museums in the world at that time. This is New York City’s ONLY hands-on science and tech centre, with over 400 exhibits focussed on biology, chemistry, and physics.

Somewhere out there a science geek just booked a ticket to NYC.

Before you yawn at the thought of a museum, they have a permanent exhibition where they display rockets. Yes, rockets of the space-faring sort, and now you know where to see them.

Have you visited any of these sites?

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