2018: The year I get back in the travel game

Happy 2018, you crazy cats! It’s strange to be writing “2018” everywhere. But I like even numbers.

Typically I’d wrap up the year with a reflections post, because there’s nothing I love more than a good ‘ol naval gazing session. But 2017 was all about slowing down: working my butt off, diving into the arts, and taking a few trips here and there.

I feel weird about wading back into the travel waters; I’m not even sure I know how to trip plan anymore. I have plans to revisit a handful of destinations that mean a lot to me (Berlin! Sligo!), but other than that, I want to hit up a few new countries.

I’m pretty sure travel planning gets me high. Because just writing about this has me excited AS HELL.


After last year’s incredible all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica, I decided I wanted to do another this year. I mean, I can travel all I like, but taking a real vacation? That’s a rare gem. No WiFi. No cellphones. Nada. Just a week of relaxation in the sun with some very cool people.

This time, I’d like to check Cuba off my list. Me and my friend Lesley are booking a spot at the new Iberostar Bella Vista in Veradero, mainly so I can tour into Havana at some point. (If you know of any local small group tours for Havana, let me know!)

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

Isn’t it about time I head to Southeast Asia? I have about a six week period  in the spring where I’d like to flee Canadian winter. So, I’m thinking of taking off.

I’m not sure if six weeks is too little time to tackle four countries, but I’d at least like to fit three of those countries in. All I know for sure is that I want to explore Thailand and eat tons of soup in Vietnam. Of course, now that I’m working full-time, I still have to figure out the work/travel balance. That’ll be a fun challenge!

Cruise 2.0

Remember that time I went on a cruise in the Caribbean? I didn’t think I’d do another, but here I am. My boyfriend decided he wanted to try the whole cruise experience, and naturally I’m not gonna turn down a fun-fuelled romantic trip. This time I’d like to splurge on the whole she-bang: drink packages, a room with a balcony, and some off-ship activities.

I’m thinking about cruising out of New Orleans, and maybe hitting up somewhere like Belize. I’ve also basically decided I don’t want to do another Carnival, so I’m leaning more towards Norwegian. I’d love to know your recommendations!

Shetland Islands and Sligo

Last year, in June, me and Julia vowed that we’d try to get back to Sligo at least once a year. It’s SO cheap from Newfoundland, and I’d like to spend more time during this visit actually doing things and exploring the area rather than just living in a bar.

Plus, y’know, maybe I’ll hit up somewhere new in Ireland. I hear Derry is lovely.

Then I’m hoping to follow Julia back to the Shetland Islands, where she’s currently living. I think I’m actually most excited about the crazy journey — it’s an epic train and overnight ferry trip from Glasgow. Shetland is rugged and lovely and exactly the kind of thing I love. The last time I was in Glasgow, I didn’t fully get to live the experience (thanks to an insane bout of gastro), so perhaps I’ll spend a bit of time there too.


Even if I didn’t want to go back to Berlin, I still have a suitcase of belongings there! It’s so crazy to think I left nearly two years ago. I want to visit in spring/summer, drink beers in the park, and revisit all my friends and old haunts. I’m aching just thinking about it.

I’d also like to journey up to Hamburg for a few days while I’m there. One of my biggest regrets about living in Germany wasn’t seeing enough of the country. So, there’s a start.


I have so many friends scattered around the world right now, I’d be silly not to take them up on their invitations to visit. There’s no better way to see a place than to do it with a local. Ukraine and Japan are two options I’d love to tap into, if the budget allows!

Do you have any recommendations for me? Blog posts to help me plan? Let me know! The winter is long and awful and I’ll need something to distract me icy sidewalks and endless blizzards.


  • January 02 2018

    I’m excited to see where you’ll go in 2018! I went to Ukraine this summer and it was crazy cheap (big breakfast every morning for $3, huge dinner every night for $4, train tickets anywhere under $12) so if you have to choose between Ukraine and Japan for money reasons, definitely go for Ukraine!
    Victoria recently posted…My 2018 Travel Goals

    • January 07 2018

      Amaaaazing. I had no idea it was that cheap. NOTED! Could be a cheap flight over from Berlin as well, I’d imagine.

  • January 03 2018

    Yea girl – looks like it is going to be an awesome year for you! My 2018 is still kinda up in the air but will definitely be doing a North Island NZ road trip, 3 weeks in Indonesia and a couple of weeks in Thailand before heading back to the U.S. at some point. I try to do a Canada trip every year and am considering Newfoundland for this year if I can afford it!
    Katie recently posted…Digital Nomad Life: Month Thirty

  • January 07 2018

    Seconding that Derry is lovely. Am dying to get to the Shetland Islands too. If you go, I’ll live vicariously through you. Hope your return to Berlin is amazing as well.

    • January 10 2018

      Thank you! I feel like me and the Shetland Islands would get along real well.

  • January 07 2018

    Aside from the airfare, ukraine is as cheap as SE Asia. You should totally get your butt over there if you can.

    • January 10 2018

      Someone mentioned the same thing! Plus I imagine there aren’t too many tourists around these days, haha. I’m on it!

  • February 04 2018

    Hi, Candice! You have a solid plan, that`s a great start. Also, I think you`ll manage planning all these trips just fine, it`s like riding a bike. :) I was wondering, did you got any place off the list so far?
    Nigel William recently posted…The best cordless drill under $50, $75, $100, $150 & for any price | Review 2018

  • April 12 2018

    Fantastic travel stories for 2017.Hope you can do what you plan to do for 2018.

    I hope my travels take me further also, just a matter of finance I’m afraid.

    Great pictures.

    Cheers Sharon…
    Sharon recently posted…The beach chair with a secret weapon. No more sinking in sand or mud!

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