2014 Travel plans (or lack thereof) and others things I’d like to talk about

Since I participated in an hour-long discussion today with CBC Crosstalk Radio about travel and finding sweet travel deals, I figure I may have a few new followers on the site today. Hello, bonjour, and shalom. I also figure it’s a good time to take the opportunity to discuss my upcoming travel plans (or lack thereof) in case any new readers have words of wisdom to give me before I leave, as I’m sure I’ve already talked the ears off everyone else.

Candice at CBC Crosstalk

That’s me trying to look professional.

You know what I love? I’ve written blog posts in the past about how I’m not a backpacker and I don’t actually enjoy solo travel. And here I am about to do those very two things.

I leave on February 4th and my return ticket is at the end of June. I may return sooner, who knows, but for now that’s my itinerary. That’s it. Yes.

I decided awhile ago that I needed to get away from the winter here. The affect it has on my mood is drastic, and I know I’m not alone. I find it hard to get up most mornings. I avoid leaving the house because the hassle of putting on fifteen layers of clothing is just too much. I bought a pair of kickass snowshoes which have helped me enjoy the season a little more; but alas, I need change. I love Newfoundland and Labrador more than anything in the world, but its winters are killing me. I’d rather exist here between June and December, where summer sparks the streets to life and festivals are a constant.

Anyway. Here’s my loose itinerary.

New York City – February 4 – 12

I wanted to swing by NYC on my way to Europe because it’s one of those cities I can’t get enough of. I spoke about my lack of affection for massive city centres on Crosstalk today, but NYC is different. It’s like a million little cities in one.

One of my best friends lives there now and so I’ll be shacking up with him for a week. Both of my visits in NYC in the past have been filled with conferences or work, so I haven’t covered a great deal of ground here. I want to see the MoMA. And eat a lot of food. And go for beers with you. Let me know if you’ll be in town.

Athens, Greece – February 12 -15

I had initially planned to skip Athens altogether as most people seem to dislike it. BUT how could I pass up the Acropolis? How could I miss out on one of the world’s most historically significant cities? I’m crashing here for three nights and I am DETERMINED to love the shit out of the place. I’ve booked a full private day tour with Athens Insiders, and it’s going to be glorious.

Santorini Island, Greece – February 15 – March 15

From Athens I take the ferry across to Santorini, where I have a room booked out in a cave (yes, a cave) for a full month. I’m just 20 minutes outside of the main town, Thira. I am literally living my dream right about now (or will be once I get there). I intend on living the month slowly — hikes around the caldera, wine tastings, meeting locals, long walks around town. I can’t even. My head just exploded with happiness.


Three months of?

After my time is up on Santorini, I have until the beginning of June to do whatever the hell I want. I want to dig around the islands some more, naturally, and would love any advice or referrals you can give me. I want to get know Greece inside and out. I want goats and olives and loud riotous dances under the stars. I want a Greek man to pursue me relentlessly until I pepper spray him in the eyeballs.

My other options: I may join my Iceland buddy Nick on a trip around the Balkans. He promised me some Serbian moonshine, and I can’t say no to moonshine. I want to hit up Slovenia and Macedonia and Serbia because Eastern Europe is a weird and spectacular place.

But I also want to do Italy. And Spain. And now, after talking to Mike Power, Portugal. Maybe I just won’t come home.

Croatia for The Yacht Week

At the end of my arduous six months of travel, I’ll be opting in for a vacation aboard a yacht around Croatia. If you’ve never heard of The Yacht Week, just YouTube some videos. Actually, I’ll include one below.


We sail from June 7 – 14th, and after talking to a handful of people who’ve done it, I’m so excited I could cry. By the looks of it I will also have to shed 40 lbs and dye my hair blonde.

Wrapping up in Ireland

My flight leaves from Dublin, and I have about a week in Ireland to get back to Sligo and revisit some old friends there. Trish and I will be travelling together then, and I’m pumped to see what kind of trouble we get ourselves into.

I have a lot of time to work with while overseas but I want to do things slowly. I want to write and go for hikes and watch sunsets and not be so stressed out about keeping up with my social life. So I’m leaving this all open-ended. Just pure freedom and the open road.

For the folks who have been following me for some time, you might have noticed the change in my website. Initially I wanted to change the name as well, but after a certain amount of DON’T DO ITs from just about everyone, I decided I’d leave it. But I wanted the design to reflect my personality more, y’know? I’m not all pinks and blues and girly-girl. I’m pretty girly-girl. I mean, I carry around a lot of lipgloss. But I’m just not PINK girly-girl, if you get my drift.

I feel the new design is a better reflection of my personality. Plus it has that sweet Instagram tab — have you seen it? AND if you look under the “Destinations” section, you’ll be able to sort through my travels a little easier.

Yes, I’m still applying for my Masters. Yes, I’m still working full-time. Yes, it’s all wonderful. Life, life, life. Is wonderful.

  • January 16 2014

    Sounds like a load of fun, Candice! Have fun and enjoy the freedom.

    I’m planning to hit Eastern Europe, but I’m still not sure which countries or for how long. I’ll be watching to see what you get up to and which countries look fun.

    Also, love the new blog design. Especially that header!

    • January 20 2014

      Awesome! Yes, do keep in touch. The Balkans are high on my list. And thank you!

  • January 16 2014

    Ugh, all the jealousness. Croatia is so fun. Have a blast (drink loads of Ozujsko Radler beer!) and enjoy the sunshine away from these awful Canadian winters.

    • January 20 2014

      I’m hearing so much good stuff about Croatia. :) I’ll drink all the Radlers!

  • January 16 2014
    Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    Well, these plans sound pretty wonderful. I especially can’t wait for your posts from Greece. Best of luck and happy travels :)

  • January 16 2014

    Exciting stuff!! I really like the new redesign. I can’t wait to see the cave! First I wrote “your cave”, but then shit just got weird.

  • January 17 2014

    I’ve always wanted to do Yacht Week!! It looks like paradise :) Are you doing it solo?

    • January 20 2014

      Nope, I’ve got a boat filled with friends! But there’s a FB group where you can put out feelers to see if there are any boats for you to hop on. Worth checking out.

      • January 20 2014

        omg I’m so excited for you (and the blog posts that I’m gonna glom on)! Yeah, I’ve checked out the group before just wishfully hahah

  • January 17 2014

    Congrats! Heard good things about the yachting in Croatia. Have fun and good luck! And assuming I get my darned visa, you’re welcome to make a stop in Switzerland along your way.

    • January 20 2014

      Thanks, Gigi! I’m overwhelmed with the Europe options. There’s just so much GOOD.

  • January 17 2014
    Caroline Eubanks

    1. I am dying to do Yacht Week. And my love for Croatia knows no bounds.
    2. I’m in NYC Feb 1-7. Holler for a beer.

    • January 20 2014

      AMAZING! That’s why I love NYC. All the coolest people are there.

      Come to Yacht Week.

  • January 17 2014

    Oh man that looks like a killer itinerary! Can I say…super jelly?

    • January 20 2014

      I’m so stoked about it! It’s also going to be the longest trip I’ve done, by far. Haha.

  • January 18 2014

    As a fellow Canadian I feel compelled to tell you I am avoiding ALL of this Canadians winter. I spent 2013 in Argentina, which is now too hot! Next stop is Colombia, currently sitting in the airport.

    • January 20 2014

      Hahaha, HIGH FIVES! Let’s be professional snow birds.

  • January 19 2014
    Britany Robinson

    Hooray for NYC! I live in Brooklyn… we should grab a drink while you’re here!

    • January 20 2014

      Most definitely! I only got a small taste of Brooklyn last year. I’m in.

  • February 03 2014
    Filipa Chatillon

    You should definitely come to Portugal. I’ll host you in Lisbon! :)

    • February 05 2014

      I might take you up on that offer! And then I’ll never leave. ;)

      • February 05 2014
        Filipa Chatillon

        Please do! (take me up on that offer)

  • February 10 2014

    DEFINITELY do Slovenia. Lake Bled is incredible (make sure to bike to Vingtar Gorge) and Ljubljana is such a hip city. If you can, hit up Montenegro and the rest of the Balkans. I’m bummed I wasn’t able to because of time restraint. Croatia is beautiful — spend extra time on Hvar and in Dubrovnik!

  • March 05 2014
    Claire Keith

    Oh my gosh yacht week looks epic! I’m working as a tour guide sailing around Croatia this summer -I won’t be on a yacht but maybe I’ll bump in to you there.

    • March 06 2014

      You’re a sailing guide in Croatia?!!!! I am infinitely jealous

      • March 06 2014
        Claire Keith

        Just a tour guide someone else will do the sailing :p. I can’t quite believe it either tbh, seem to have landed my dream job :D

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