11 tips for doing the Dominican Republic

I never actually wrote about the Dominican Republic.

To be honest, I still barely know anything about the country. The theme of the trip was “vacation.” Or maybe it was “booze.” Or “friendship.”


If you find yourself in Punta Cana on a resort vacation (we stayed at the Grand Palladium), here is my advice.

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1. Drink all of the blue drinks.

I still have no idea what these were, but they brought me together with this new group of friends.

2. Bring all of your friends.

Reuniting with your long lost friends in tropical paradise? This calls for some blue drinks.

3. Go dune buggying.

We did for Dawne’s bachelorette. If you go, tell Lil Wayne we said hi.

4. Wear a bandanna over your mouth while in the backcountry.

This is to protect you from both the mud and the cow shit.

5. Don’t bring your DSLR while on a dune buggy trip.

I effectively destroyed a travel bag trying to keep my DSLR clean. Totally not worth the stress.

6. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.

It literally took me 45 minutes to scrub the caked mud out of my head.

7. Find beaches off-resort.

But do not take a “private tour” invitation from a man selling tours in the lobby.

8. Try a cigar.

You’re in the Dominican, for Christ’s sake.

9. Enjoy unlimited alcohol while you can.

This occurred during the 3-hour wait period between Dawne’s wedding ceremony and the reception. We were delegated to the corner table, to prevent further disruption.

10. Tip your maid.

Alana and I would leave the tip for the maid on the right side of the bed, where Alana slept. I guess the maid wasn’t too pleased about my “lack” of contribution.

11. Live at the beach.

Go parasailing. Order a Bloody Mary. Run spontaneously into the ocean. Bring your drink.

My next real resort vacation? JAMAICA! Just five months away. Who’s counting?

  • November 12 2012

    Looks like a blast! One of my life mottos is always try the blue drinks, I’m glad you decided to do the same :)

    • November 22 2012

      Hahahaha, “Always try the blue drinks.” Perfect motto. Unless it’s toilet bowl cleaner or something.

  • November 12 2012
    Ashley of Ashley Abroad

    Really funny post! Who doesn’t love a good boozy vacation with your girlfriends?

  • November 12 2012

    this actually made me want to do another resort vacation…. was thinking I didn’t really want to… damn you :P

  • November 13 2012

    Looks like you had a great trip. You’re first tip reminded me of something my cousin said when we were in Cancun, order shots by the colour of the drink. I think the one night we went through the whole rainbow.

    • November 22 2012

      Hahahaha, I love that. Rainbow assortment of shots!

  • November 14 2012

    Ya know, for the amount of alcohol consumption this article suggests, there is way too much wearing of clothes action going on. Stop being such a tease and give the readers what they want. Fuck.

    • November 22 2012

      As soon as this low-carb diet starts paying off, I will prance around in the snow in a bikini. There is a reason why no bikini photos from DR are shared. Think about it.

  • November 22 2012

    That for sharing this tips. I see that you’ve really enjoyed your trip, such a great experience you had and I see it’s really fun. Great post.

  • November 27 2012

    Great list! My additional 2 would be: 1. Ask for the good alcohol. Barcelo Imperial is a great local rum that is often hidden but available! 2. Avoid Mama Juana… Don’t believe the hype!

    • November 29 2012

      I pretty much did the exact opposite of both those suggestions…dammit! Explains everything.

  • June 21 2013

    Candice, I see you really had fun in Dominican Republic. Wish you had put the names of some of the blue drinks :-) Since you are going Jamaica check out http://www.blog.exploringjamaica.com

    • September 27 2013

      Thanks, Tarriff! Im sure you could just ask for “blue drinks” and it’ll be fine, hahaha

  • August 22 2013
    Mathew Duong

    Great post. Dominican Republic is one of my favourite places. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

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