10 Things I Love About Halifax

1. The boys. There are a lot of boys, and they smell nice. Unlike St. John’s, I do not need to dress like a trashy hooker to attract attention. Sometimes they approach me at bars, and actually engage in intelligent conversation before trying to get in my pants. I’ve been texting back and forth with a cute army dude I met at the Alehouse one night, and he’s a perfect gentleman who plays the fiddle. I’m not really sure what to do about this seemingly normal man.

2. The city isn’t very big, but it’s big enough. I keep running into people I know, but if I don’t necessarily want to talk to them, I can easily slip away.

3. It feels like home. People here drink and party just as good as Newfoundlanders, other than the awkward bars-shutting-down-early thing. Plus I keep running into people I know from the island, and we instantly bond even if we’ve only ever known each other through a drunken keg stand somewhere

4. Sushi. There is so much freaking sushi.

5. The arts scene. There’s a whole lot going on here in the arts scene, especially with film and music. The best part is that there is mostly no pretention, and if I want to go to a 3D musical performance where people stand under a giant parachute and create waves to bounce around the rubber balls on top of it, it’s perfectly acceptable to do so.

Parachute time!

Parachute time!

6. Shopping. Spring Garden is my credit card’s playground (or at least it would be if I had a job). Dartmouth’s Mic Mac Mall has freaking Costa Blanca. And The Bay. And a whole slew of other things I can’t find in St. John’s. Additionally, who names a shopping plaza the “Mic Mac Mall” and gets away with it? Nova Scotians, that’s whom.

7. Everything downtown is in walking distance. My first time here, I was annoyed that I had to walk WHOLE BLOCKS between bars. Now I realize it’s not actually that far, and I’m just a lazy shithead.

8. The social media scene is bumpin’. There’s like a different Tweet-up here every week. Between #Twushi and #HalifaxChicks, I should be making a crapload of new friends. Unfortunately, I’ve only learned of these events recently and now it is too late. They don’t know what they’re missing.

9. Beaches. I can drive 20 minutes outside of town and come across some of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen, like Rainbow Haven where Jo and I jumped hurricane waves. Sandy, beautiful, clean beaches. Oh how it does make me weep!

10. Party cruises. Why the hell doesn’t St. John’s have party cruises?

The end.

  • October 13 2010

    I have always wanted to go to Halifax. The one time I was actually planning on making the trip, a couple years ago, the tickets from both Boston and New York, were astronomical! This was during the summer. It was, I think, maybe approximately $700 round trip. There was no way. There’s always the hope of some day, though…

    • October 19 2010

      Yikes! You may be able to find cheaper flights nowadays, seems like prices have gone down. Please come!

  • October 14 2010

    Why is it too late for #Twushi or #HalifaxChicks?

    • October 19 2010

      I’m enroute to NL, boooo. :(

  • October 14 2010

    I don’t dress like a trashy hooker… and I’ve found boys who smell nice… maybe there’s something different about YOU in halifax ;P
    (and before you bring up the ungentlemanliness of the boys I meet… the ungentlemanly ones aren’t from here.. ;D )

    glad you’ve found so much to enjoy there :) more glad that you’re still coming home ;D And the shopping possibilities only makes me a bit jealous… but credit card is telling me it’s for the best there’s not much tempting me in st john’s… ;D
    (the beach situation, on the other hand.. hurts my heart..)

    • October 19 2010

      Agh the beaches! The beaches…

  • October 14 2010

    Don’t even get me started on the Nova Scotian boys, especially the gentlemanly ones with fiddles. I’m not usually so easily charmed…

    • October 19 2010

      Ah, turns out the gentlemanly one with the fiddle wasn’t quite so gentlemanly. Trial and error, I guess?

      • October 21 2010

        Well, damn. I guess that’s the only way, though… ;)

  • October 15 2010

    Apparently its only the CFA’s that like or get liked by the Nova Scotian boys / Candice is bad luck haha
    I’m glad you are liking it here and god damn that sushi from sushi nami royale the other night was pure amazinglyawesomeness yes i just made up a new word.
    Don’t go back to St John’s stay here!

    • October 19 2010

      I have to stay here if I ever want to get married.

  • October 15 2010

    Candice, I loved the picture of Citadel Hill (so much so that I was just on Wikipedia reading about it).

    Anyway, I laughed when I read Lori’s comment about the boys there. LOL. To be honest, I’ve been in a relationship for more than 10 years and married more than 8. I can’t imagine the dating scene nowadays. I’m so out of touch. But that’s why I love reading yours and Carissa Jaded’s stories. But I would venture to say that you should never have to dress trashy to get attention. LOL. Is that really how the game is played these days!

    Anway, sorry for rambling. Great post to come back to after a few days away. Have a great weekend.

    • October 19 2010

      Yes, yes that is how the game is played! Just the wrong game, hahaha. Glad you took some interest in my little corner of the world!

  • October 15 2010

    Halifax and all of Nova Scotia is on my must-see list!

    • October 19 2010

      Better make it up next year! And don’t forget NL!

  • October 16 2010

    It’s funny how the silly little things in a city (like numerous sushi places, for example) can make you fall in love…I fell in love with Calgary mainly because of the many Second Cups and Starbucks haha

    • October 19 2010

      I know, I love how metropolitan this city is! Makes St. John’s feel like a small town. Makes Bay d’Espoir feel like a village.

  • October 17 2010

    Needless to say it was awesome seeing you again! And I have to agree with dear Cailin, and suggest you stay in Halifax! But I don’t blame ya for heading back to Newfoundland, can’t wait to make it there. Next summer im so gettin in on that mayhem.

    Hope the welcome home party’s a hoot and a half!

    • October 19 2010

      When you arrive in NL, Corbin, we will throw you a huge shindig! HUGE!

  • October 18 2010

    I definitely agree with you that the Halifax social media folks missed out. Sounds like an awesome town!

    • October 19 2010

      Thanks, Abby! Come and bring the TBEX-A crowd!

  • October 19 2010

    Great list! Except for #1 (I already have the perfect man :-) the rest sounds like it would be a bloody marvelous place for me too! You might have give another place to put on my wish list to go now…

    (BTW: I came here from http://gapyearescape.com/top-50-travel-blogs-2010/ where your blog is mentioned and I had to check you out. Which I’m glad I did!)

    • October 19 2010

      Yay, thanks for finding me! And do come visit, it’s a great spot to be!

  • October 20 2010

    I have nothing but fond memories of Halifax – lived there as a kid and got engaged there when I was about your age. Also remember driving down from Kingston Ontario when I went to Queens to watch a football game, drink beer and drive home.
    You’re lucky to have such good friends. I need a house sitter for 3 weeks after XMAS! Want to come to rainy, wet Vancouver in January?

    • October 21 2010

      Ahh, engagement in Halifax! Too cool! I would LOVE to house-sit, haha! Just need to find a cheap flight. :P

  • October 21 2010

    Oooh, that sounds like fun! I love places where you can just walk from bar to bar (Austin, where I live, is like that–it’s awesome). I didn’t realize they had a big social media scene–that’s pretty sweet! I need to go there someday…

    • October 21 2010

      Agreed, which is why I love St. John’s George Street so much..the whole street is dedicated entirely to clubs and pubs! Come visit!

  • October 24 2010

    Just discovered you – I love it.

    I & the fam just moved here (Halifax) from Prague a few months ago. (actually Dartmouth). As the stay-at-home parent now, me the youngin’ hang in Halifax once or twice a week. Finally watched them blow the Citadel cannon day before yesterday – Chilly! but fun.

    Anyway -you rock.

    New fan,

    • October 25 2010

      Hahaha, thank you, Jeff! I was staying in dartmouth my whole time in NS actually, only made my way out to Halifax on the weekends. Awesome place though, I’ll be back!

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