The hilarious road signs of the Baccalieu Trail Region

Hilarious road sign
Hilarious road Signs
Hilarious Road Signs
Hilarious road signs

Hilarious road signs
Hilarious road signs

This dude seems legit. I’d definitely buy doors from him.
Now to find that sign photo of Dildo Run Provincial Park.

  • November 22 2011

    Haha, I love some of these!

    My favorite road sign EVER though? “Ragged Ass Road” in Skagway, Alaska. I don’t think you can possibly top it!

    • November 22 2011

      Haha we have a “Ragged Ass Road” in Point au Mal too, just outside of Stephenville. It is a pretty ragged road to justify the name I guess. I’ve seen “Red Bucket Road” in Codroy as well, and there’s a red bucket lid nailed to the pole below the street name.

  • November 23 2011

    pretty pens :D ;)
    I had completely forgotten about the phototastic drive home until I saw this post. And literally not until I SAW the post. When I read the title I actually thought “Northern Bay? When was she there?”

    :\ sleep deprivation for the win. . .
    “where utility bills come to die…” fantastic ;D

    as for ‘drung’. . . did you try the newfoundland english dictionary? ;P
    “a narrow lane or passage between houses, fenced gardens, etc. “

    • November 24 2011

      No, I’m not used to hearing “Northern Bay” without the “Sands” part attached either! Hah. Feels like forever ago now. :(

  • November 23 2011

    Ah yes, no place like Newfoundland. The entire province feels like one ENORMOUS small town, love it.
    The town names are just as good. Jerry’s nose, Dark Tickle, Cow Head, Happy Adventure. I had the best fish & chips of my life in Dildo…

    • November 24 2011

      I love “Happy Adventure,” I think I actually got happier just seeing the sign, lol. Didn’t try the fee & chee in Dildo, that’ll be on my to-do list next.

  • November 23 2011

    I like Boot Brook, just outside the turn off to Howley. My uncle started nailing a boot to the years years ago, and people have kept it up.

    • November 24 2011

      Hahaha, but I wanna know…why?!

  • November 23 2011

    I would have expected Johnson’s Rd. to be in Dildo. Jussayin’…

  • November 23 2011

    I love street names like these – the English do a wonderful job of naming places too. From this list, I think I am a little bit in love with Peaches.

    Where do you live? Peaches
    Where to? Peaches
    And now? Peaches

    Just lovely.

    • November 24 2011

      Totally! Although an odd name considering peaches can’t grow in NL…

  • November 23 2011

    Love your comments on these!

  • November 24 2011

    My friend Trish used to live on Pigshit Lane in St. Phillips, just outside of St. John’s. Honest.

    • November 24 2011

      Literally just LOLed REALLY loud.

    • February 16 2016

      I know it’s been years, but on the off chance that someone might see and get a kick out of the explanation, I offer this bit of family lore:

      Two Squires brothers had neighbouring farms. Their wives did not like each other, which caused increasing tension between the brothers. One of the issues was one SIL claiming the other (and hence her family) was low class.

      There’s some talk that she had her husband build a nice fence to keep them out. The brother whose wife had been insulted reasoned that if putting up a fancy fence meant you had class, you wouldn’t put a fence up if had no class. So he took down all his fences and let his pigs roam freely. Roam they did and they seemed to like roaming to the laneway between the two houses to do their business. Hence the name “Pig Shit Lane.”

      • February 18 2016

        That is AMAZING.

  • November 24 2011

    Peaches come from a can
    they were put there by a man
    in a factory downtown (right off light and power road… I think…)

  • November 25 2011

    Candice! I can’t wait to move there on Sunday! Wonder what the name of my road will be? “Snowed in Siberian Lane?”

    • December 01 2011

      You should totally live on the Hill ‘o Chips

  • November 27 2011

    I recently wrote an article on my trip to Nfld for the newsletter I work on. One of the things I mentioned was the names. When we were out on the highway to Bonavista, we passed:
    Big Triangle Pond
    followed by
    Little Triangle Pond
    and next was
    Triangular Pond
    Three Corner Pond

    I sh*t you not.
    What? ROUND ponds have been outlawed?!?!?

    Thanks for sharing these – I just LOVE the hilarious place and street names.

    • December 01 2011

      Lol, I drive past those ponds every time I’m headed home! They always make me giggle.

  • November 28 2011

    I love when I randomly come across road signs like the ones you took photos of.

    There’s this town in Northern New Jersey called “Ho-Ho-Kus”. No joke. Everytime I had traveled to college in upstate New York, I’d always pass by the town sign and wonder who thought of that name.

    • December 01 2011

      Hahaha, there MUST be a story in there somewhere!

  • March 27 2012

    A few answers:
    the Peaches in question – Peach is their last name.
    Mouse Hole – its the name of a hole in one of the cliffs right there – you can see through it driving down the shore.
    The Folly was a club (Omy, da stories!) right there just past the sign … townies camping at the Sands would check it out on occasion, but it was wasted on them…it was an acquired even if you were local, but once you acquired the requisite taste it was grand :)
    I’m long off the Rock, but that area is pretty much home to me and it was wicked to see the photos. Soo glad there’s no shot of Hogan’s – or else I’d been in tears…many a fine scoff we enjoyed there.
    When we were teenagers there was a spot in back of the town just up the hill from Folly Rd where we would assemble to drink beer and whatnot – never knew it as anything other than The Eyeball :)

    • March 29 2012

      Hahaha, AWESOME! Thank you! The Eyeball. I love it.

  • June 05 2012

    Light and Power Rd is my fav. Wow.

    Love your blog!

    Lesley (another NL blogger)

    • June 13 2012

      Thanks Lesley! Hoorah for more NL Bloggers!

  • June 11 2012

    Best run in Targa Newfoundland is the 35 km of paved rocks up to Leading Tickles.
    Grand Touring average was 95 kph which I did on cruise. Targa cars, way faster…
    Would like to know the translation of that name…

    • June 13 2012

      Love it! Leading Tickles. Haven’t been there, yet.

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